Exceeding the Goals of Insightful Investors

Raising the Capabilities and Expectations in Healthcare

Unlike the "Giants of the Healthcare Industry", whose large market share impedes their motivation to innovate and lead change, Mainbridge Health Partners is uniquely positioned to give investors and innovators alike a high-speed passing lane to drive market-changing, results-focused healthcare advancements.

The Mainbridge Approach

The key advantage to the Mainbridge approach is our unique ability to understand the needs and issues of a broad range of call points or market segments, along with our ability to identify fledgling technologies with best-in-class potential. We multiply the benefits of a technology by scrutinizing the performance of each product from the perspective of each care area. The results drive design changes, big and small, which increases a technology’s appeal to more key decision-makers and dramatically increases the product’s likelihood of success.

Mainbridge’s three advantages over most healthcare innovators:


No existing market share to protect. We provide our investors with a larger delta by investing in well-qualified products that are highly impactful and patient centric, without the concern of shrinking the size of a product category.


Our development process gives those closest to the problem, and to those who understand the correct solution, the greatest level of influence and authority in guiding change. While delivering strong financial returns for our investors is paramount, we are equally committed to ensuring positive patient outcomes.


We’re building a company at a time when technology is not just a series of good ideas; technology can now be deployed rapidly with the proper leadership, understanding, and vision. There is a bounty of low hanging fruit related to the commercialization of simple unleveraged technologies throughout the health care industry.