Medical Distribution


The 1997 creation of Wren Medical Systems®, a very successful and innovative medical distribution company that continues to pay large dividends for Boston-based Medical Specialties Distributors®, one of the larger distributors in the US alternate site infusion market.


Our design team created, produced and marketed the highly successful Pitch-It® line of mail-able, disposable IV poles for the home care market.  Now offered through Sharps, Inc®, the Pitch-It was first introduced in 1996 as a simple, cost effective solution that drastically reduced the number of IV poles delivered, tracked, cleaned and maintained by home care providers nationwide, saving the home care industry countless man-hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  Vascular Ed® (for Education) is one of the most effective and affordable training devices for care providers administering IV and infusion therapy.  “Ed” is a flat, life-size adult torso with a well-illustrated vascular overlay and pre-established vascular access points that give healthcare educators the ability to conduct superior in-service education on any IV procedure using the providers commonly used IV connectors and devices.  “Ed” has been in regular attendance at countless in-service events across the U.S. and Canada since 1997.