Unique Healthcare Expertise

We improve existing products to better meet the needs of clinicians and patients, while providing extraordinary opportunities for our investors.


Driving Performance

We multiply the benefits of a technology by scrutinizing the performance of each product from the perspective of each care area. Our results drive design changes that heighten appeal to key decision-makers and dramatically increase the product's success.


The Future of Healthcare

Providing a platform that embraces industry changing discoveries which dramatically improve patient care by ensuring our healthcare capabilities keep pace with proven, leading-edge technology, to significantly enhance the global healthcare system.

A higher, more efficient standard
for healthcare begins with a results-focused mindset.

The only way to determine the true cost and effectiveness of care is via a strategic, comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of patient care as they interact throughout a patient’s care cycle. In most cases, the cost of care is delegated largely to purchasers focused primarily on the initial per unit costs, with no reviews on how item performance impacted the total quality and cost of care.  By guiding healthcare toward a strategic view of the aforementioned elements, Mainbridge reenergizes the industry's ability to innovate, allowing the best and brightest minds in healthcare to bypass current barriers to innovation, establish a new pace for meaningful change and set higher standards for patient care.